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Belkin OmniView F1D086U CAT5 USB KVM Extender

Belkin OmniView F1D086U CAT5 USB KVM Extender
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Easy Order
The best way to give you all the options, comparasions and configurations associated with this product.
First: Order the Belkin OmniView USB CAT5 KVM Extender
Belkin OmniView F1D086U CAT5 USB KVM Extender   $296.00
Second: Order the CAT5e Cables
KVMS Premium CAT5e Cable 100ft with Boots Gray   $26.00
You may order other Belkin KVM Extenders
Belkin OmniView CAT5 PS2 VGA KVM Extender   $269.00
Total: $0.00  

Also known as:
CATx KVM ExtenderKVM Extender
Belkin USB KVM ExtenderCAT5 KVM Extender
USB KVM ExtenderBelkin KVM Extender
Belkin CAT5 KVM Extender
  • Extend USB keyboard, USB Mouse, VGA Video Monitor up to 500ft using a single CATx cable.
  • Integrated CAT5 technology enables you to connect your KVM switch to your servers up to 500 feet (150m) away using standard CAT5 cabling.
  • Transmitter and receiver included.
  • Can be used to extend a computer console (keyboard, mouse and monitor) or a KVM Switch user console.
  • Use CATx cables - CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 between transmitter and receiver.
  • The CAT5 Extender supports video resolutions of up to 1920x1440 @ 75Hz on local computer and up to 1280x1024@75Hz on remote.
  • The CAT5 Extender features local and remote console ports, enabling you to control your computers from near or far.
  • A built-in, 3-foot, all-in-one KVM cable provides an easy connection between the CAT5 Extender and your computer or KVM switch.
  • An LED display on the Transmitter and Receiver units provides quick status monitoring
  • Also known as: Console Extender, USB KVM Extender, KVM Console Extender, Belkin USB Console Extender
The CAT5 Extender allows you to control your computer or KVM switch from up to 500 feet (150m) away. It is perfect for isolated server rooms, large server farms, secure systems, or test benches where the computer or KVM switch may be inaccessible to the user. The receiver unit also serves as a 2-port KVM Switch to allow access to a local computer and the remote servers.

Why does this extender have one USB connector?

Each USB ports on a computer act as a root hub so when connecting a USB cable to a computer USB port, that port will recognize all these device connected through that cable as if they were connected through a hub.

What's Included
  • Belkin OmniView USB CAT5 KVM Extender Transmitter
  • Belkin OmniView USB CAT5 KVM Extender Receiver
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Registration Card
  • KVM Cable to connect Transmitter to the computer or switch to be extended
KVMs.com Condition: Brand New!

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