The owner of one of the world’s largest adult dating sites has come clean about his secret love of KVM (keyboard video mouse) switches.

When he was first interviewed for our site, we asked him what kind of technology he used in the office. One thing he mentioned is how a KVM switch is so important to him. We didn’t know much about them at the time, but after hearing that they’re helping him stay productive, we wanted to learn more!

What is a KVM Switch?

KVM switches are devices that allow you to connect up to four computer monitors or keyboards using just one keyboard and mouse. This saves you from having to use several keyboards and monitors to control your computers all at once. Instead, you can easily switch between different desktops on any computer simply by pressing a button on your keyboard.

How Founder Uses KVM Switches

According to, a free adult dating site to find local college sluts, CEO James Hawkins, he’s been using KVM switches since 1995. He says it allows him to be more efficient. College Sex Dates is a popular dating and hookup site, complete with a mobile app, cams, member uploaded videos and more.

“I spend most of my day switching back and forth between different computers,” says Hawkins. “It lets me multitask like crazy without getting in each others’ way. I have to do things on two separate machines sometimes. I have a Mac, and a Windows PC.”

Hawkins loves the fact that his favorite keyboard works on both computers. He also likes being able to turn off his Mac when he’s working on a Windows machine.

When he first started out, there were no KVM switches available. So, Hawkins had to manually plug-in his keyboard and mouse. It wasn’t hard, but it did take some time. Now, all he has to do is press a button, and the whole process takes less than a second.

He admits that not everyone would find KVM switches useful, but he does.

“KVM switches aren’t necessary for everybody. They’re pretty expensive. But if you need to use two computers at the same time, then they’re the best thing ever.”

Since our original interview with Hawkins, KVM switches have become quite popular. In fact, many businesses use them as well. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google all use them.

There are even special programs that are designed especially for KVM users.

Why use multiple computers?

In order to give you the most accurate answer possible, we talked to a variety of people who use multiple computers. Some of them are tech experts, while others simply rely on their computers every single day.

Here’s what they said:

A few years ago, we interviewed a software engineer named Brian. He’s worked on a lot of big projects, including the gaming app “Bomb Squad.” We asked him why he uses multiple computers.

He explained how he needs to test his app on various platforms. That means he has to access a Windows machine, a Mac, and possibly a Linux machine. He doesn’t want to waste time switching back and forth between his workstations. The only way to avoid this hassle is to set up a KVM switch.

Another tech expert we talked to is called Adam. He works for a company that makes hardware for electronic music. He also prefers to use multiple computers on a daily basis, and needs to test on some Mac specific software like Logic Pro.

“Sometimes, I’ll sit down and write code for a couple hours. Then, I might need to research something else and look through reference materials. When I get bored, I’ll switch over to my email client for a bit. All of these tasks require different tools, which I don’t want to leave sitting on my desktop.”

Adam says that he never runs into problems while using a KVM switch.

“I think they’re great. If you’re serious about your job, you need to use multiple computers. KVM switches make it easy to do that. You can switch between desktops without leaving your chair.”

Many people use multiple computers because they’re trying to finish a project that requires them to work across several platforms. For instance, a graphic designer might need to create designs for both a website and a tablet app. This type of work often involves using multiple operating systems.

Other people use multiple computers simply to keep their sanity. They hate having to spend so much time switching back and forth between desktops. By using a KVM switch, they can save themselves the trouble of going back and forth.

Some people also prefer using multiple computers because they enjoy experimenting with new technologies.

“I’ve always loved learning about new gadgets and testing them out. Whenever I see something cool, I want to give it a try. My favorite part is seeing if I can actually make something work. Sometimes, it’s a real challenge.”

In Conclusion…

KVM switches have helped many people accomplish their goals. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to be more productive. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use a KVM switch. Do you have any other questions about this device? Feel free to ask us anything in the comments section below.

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