HP SCS1600 16 Port Serial Console Server

HP SCS1600 16 Port Serial Console Server
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The HP Serial Console Severs extends remote management with high performance serial access both inside and outside the datacenter.

The HP Serial Console Servers provide remote access to up to 16 or 48 direct attached devices. The HP serial consoling solution utilizes CAT5 UTP cables to connect to any serially managed device, facilitating cable routing and allowing for field termination of cable lengths. An adapter is used to convert the serial signal to RJ45.

The HP Serial Console servers provide remote access to headless servers such as those running UNIX, Linux or Microsoft Windows 2003 with EMS as well as serial managed devices such as network switches and routers from any workstation on the network or from a local terminal.

HP Serial Console Servers are available in two models to support either 16 or 48 attached devices or servers through a single IP address using any SSH or telnet client.

High performance local and remote serial management access for heterogeneous datacenters and computer rooms. Up to two 16 Port Serial Console Servers or one 48 Port Serial Console Server can be mounted in a single "U" of rack space.

The HP Serial Console Servers provide near real time console performance allowing you to manage remote servers and serial managed devices such as network switches and routers simply and easily.

The Serial Console Servers are operating system and hardware independent so multiple server and device types as well as different operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and Windows 2003 with EMS can be managed from a single high performance remote console.

Increased efficiency, space utilization, and improved cable management throughout your heterogeneous data center.

Using a single network port and IP address the HP Serial Console Servers provides access to up to 16 or 48 servers or serial managed devices and high performance network access. Using third party telnet or SSH clients, users can access serial functions from their Windows or Linux workstations via a 100 mbps network connection. Two models are available providing either 16 or 48 device ports with both local and remote access. Each attached server or device requires a serial adapter.

Simplified cable management and network configuration that easily expands as your data center grows.

Uses unshielded CAT5 cabling between the servers or serial managed devices and the HP Serial Console Server. The cables can be purchased ready-made or field terminated to create custom lengths. CAT5 cabling provides several benefits-- the smaller, more flexible form factor facilitates routing through the rack and customizable lengths eliminate coils of cabling in the rear of the rack.

The Serial Adapter (SA) that connects from the CAT5 cable to the server or device serial ports are available in a variety of configuration including DTE and DCE as well as DB9 and DB25.

Introducing the new HP 16 Port serial Console Server and the HP 48 Port Serial Console Server.
  • True non-blocking access to all connected devices and servers using only a single IP address
  • Radius, and local security options standard
  • Compatible with third party telnet or SSH V2 client software

Ideal for...

24/7 data centers

  • The Serial Console Server enables staffed data centers to move people out of computer rooms while still maintaining server accessibility. Technicians can access servers or devices from their local workstation at a desk or cubicle through a LAN/WAN connection.
Staffed remote sites
  • The Serial Console Server provides users with access to local console functions over their LAN or WAN. Remote users can access servers or devices and perform actions as if they are standing at a local console.
Heterogeneous environments
  • The Serial Console Server connects to any type of server or serially managed device that has a standard DB9 or DB25 serial connection.

Serial Console Server
Number of server ports
LAN/WAN access
Yes 10/100 mbsYes 10/100 mbs
Number of simultaneous users
Number of concurrent sessions
Port Sharing
CAT5 cable
Tiering support
DTE Serial Adapters
DCE Serial Adapters
Local serial console support
Radius, or Local DatabaseRadius, or Local Database
Data Security
SNMP - manageable through Insight Manager
Support for multiple languages
Supports different server brands
Supports variety of operating systems
1U Mounting
Up to 2 SCS1600 may be mounted in 1U

HP 16-Port Serial Console ServerHP 48-Port Serial Console Server
DimensionsHeight1.72 in (4.37 cm)1.72 in (4.37 cm)
Width8.75 in (22.23 cm)17.5 in (44.45 cm)
Depth8 in (20.32 cm)10 in (25.40 cm)
Weight5 lb (2.3 kg)9 lb (4.08 kg)
Input Power RequirementsRated Voltage100 to 240V AC 100 to 240V AC
Rated Frequency 50 to 60 Hz 50 to 60 Hz
Rated Input Current 0.5A1A Maximum
Rated Frequency 50 to 60 Hz 50 to 60 Hz
Power Input 45W Maximum 90W Maximum
Heat Output 102 BTU/hr (max) 205 BTU/hr (max)
Power CablesLow Voltage IEC C13/Nema 5-15P and High Voltage IEC C13/14Low Voltage IEC C13/Nema 5-15P and High Voltage IEC C13/14
Temperature RangeMaximum Ambient Operating Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Ambient Storage and
Shipping Temperature
-4° to 149° F (-20° to 65° C)-4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)
Relative Humidity
Operating 10% to 90%10% to 90%
Number of users
16 concurrent 48 concurrent
Number of Devices
16 Maximum 48 Maximum
Form Factor1UUp to 2 units can be mounted on shelf (included) 1U
Network requirements10 or 100 Mbps TCP/IP1 IP address required1 IP address required
Data Transfer SecuritySecure Shell SSHV2 SSHV2

Device Ports16 RJ-45 Serial Ports 48 RJ-45 Serial Ports
Console Port1 RJ-45 Serial Port 1 RJ-45 Serial Port
Network Connection1 RJ-45 1 RJ-45
Serial Console Server to AdaptersCategory 5e UTP with RJ-45 connectorsCategory 5e UTP with RJ-45 connectors
Category 5 UTP CablesAvailable lengths3 ft, 6ft, 12 ft, 20ft and 40ft May also be field terminated to custom lengths.
ConnectionsRJ45 on both ends
What's included:
  • HP SCS1600 16 Port Serial Console Server.
  • User Manual.
  • Power Cable.
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