Raritan Dominion SX 4 Port Serial Console Switch DC Power

Raritan Dominion SX 4 Port Serial Console Switch DC Power
Raritan Dominion SX 4 Port Serial Console Switch DC Power
Raritan Dominion SX 4 Port Serial Console Switch DC Power
This product has been phased out, please call us for an alternative
  • Single-feed DC powered (-36-72V) 4 port secure console server with 2 console ports, to control up 4 serial devices like network hardware and headless servers
  • Dominion SX is a secure console server for local and remote access to serially managed servers and other serial devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser.
  • Dominion SX provides one point of access and control to manage users, serial servers and other IT devices such as:
    Servers & Headless Servers: Sun SolarisT, Sun Cobalt, HP-UX, UNIXr, Linuxr Servers, IBMr/AIX Servers, WindowsT 2003 Servers 
    WAN Equipment: ISDN Terminal Adapters, Channel Banks, CSU/DSU, PBS/PABX
    Networking Equipment: Routers, Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Load Balancers
    Power Control: All serially controlled power strips and UPS.
  • Dominion SX is highly secure, easy to install, simple to use and scalable across hundreds of users and thousands of devices. Available SX models support capacities of 4 to 48 ports, single and dual feed AC and DC power, dual Ethernet LAN options and internal modem options.
  • Languages supported: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Wide Range of Models: Offers the highest port density (48 ports) in the market in 1U rack unit. Variety of power options, including dual-feed load-sharing power supplies with zero failover time. Choice of one or two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports with intelligent automatic failover. Models are available with or without built-in modem, and with one or two at the rack serial ports for local access. Models available in 4-48 ports. Dual power supply options in most 8-48 port models.
  • Increased Memory (8,16,32, and 48-port models): Port buffer has been increased from 65KB to 256KB which allows expanded logging storage of local events and alerts from 20 pages of content to 80 pages of content. Users now will be sure to have any events that have occurred while they are not connected to the device.
  • Intelligent Auto Failover (Dual LAN models): On all dual LAN models, the administrator can enable failover to the second LAN port. One or two IP addresses may be used. Either LAN connection can be used as the access port to the Dominion SX.
  • Cross-platform Hardware Independence: Allows connection of multiple disparate servers running SUNr SolarisT, HP-UX, AIX, Linuxr, Windowsr Server 2003, and UNIXr servers as well as serial devices to a single Dominion SX - making it perfect for situations where a range of equipment is needed, which is common in remote locations.
  • Full-featured Firewall: User selectable and customizable system security levels catering to wide range of user needs for security.
  • Man In The Middle (MITM) Attack Mitigation: Enhanced security of communication channels by using client and server SSL certificates.
  • Support for Kerberos Authentication/Authorization: Support provided for the RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, Kerberos V.5 and Active Directoryr; Primary and secondary servers are supported.
  • SecureID Support: SecureID is supported via RADIUS for added security.
  • HTML Implementation: Reduces the time to load the Java applet in a browser implementation to less than one minute.
  • Full Modern CLI GUI Equivalence: Improved usability, with command completion and history. CLI admin has the same functionality as the GUI, thereby allowing scripting of any command.
  • Easy to Install:Installation in less than 3 minutes, with just a Web browser or a VT100 terminal (or equivalent). Some competitive products require burdensome editing of multiple files to complete a basic installation.
  • IPMI Support: Improved system performance monitoring and management. Allows for discovery and management of IPMI-enabled servers.
  • SecureChat Instant Messaging: Allows encrypted instant messaging for online collaboration with other authorized browser users and maximizes the effectiveness of a distributed workforce. Reduces time to resolve problems and allows multiperson troubleshooting. Also supports training needs.
  • Comprehensive SNMP Traps: Extensive SNMP traps allow for various alerts e.g., authentication failures, port connections and disconnections and many other events of interest to the system administrators.
  • Extensible: When deployed with CommandCenter Secure Gateway, thousands of Dominion SX devices can be managed with centralized authentication and authorization.
  • Easy Firmware Upgrades: Simplifies firmware updates via CommandCenter Secure Gateway. Administrators can schedule firmware upgrades for one or more SX devices.
  • Single IP Address for Administration and Target Connection: Administrators and users can connect to one IP address with one login via CommandCenter Secure Gateway to manage the SX or the targets. This connection can be via browser or through SSH. Only Raritan allows direct SSH connection to the aggregator.
  • GUI Power Control: Raritan power control units (RPCU) can be connected to each serial port on a Dominion SX. For servers/equipment that have multiple power feeds, multiple power outlets can be associated together to switch equipment on or off with a single click of the mouse.

All Dominion SX Models

Form Factor: 1U, rack mountable
Power: 110/220V auto-switching: 50-60 Hz; 36-72V DC

Environmental Requirements:
Operating Temperature: 32F (0C) to 104F (40C)
Humidity: 20% - 85% RH non-condensing
Altitude: Operates properly at any altitude between 0 to 10,000 feet

Approvals: CE, FCC Part 15 Class A, US and Canadian UL, VCCI-A

Remote Connection
Network: 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45) port one or two

All Dominion SX 4-Port Models:

Serial Ports: 4
11.41" (W) x 10.7" (D) x 1.75" (H)
290mm (W) x 270mm (D) x 44mm (H)
Weight: 4.61lbs / (2.08 kg) to 4.93 lbs / (2.22 kg)

Modem Connectivity: Dedicated Modem Port

What's included:
  • Raritan Dominion SX 4 Port Serial Console Switch DC Power
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
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