Iogear 4 Port Symphony KVM Switch with USB Video Card and USB Hub

Iogear 4 Port Symphony KVM Switch with USB Video Card and USB Hub
Iogear 4 Port Symphony KVM Switch with USB Video Card and USB Hub
Iogear 4 Port Symphony KVM Switch with USB Video Card and USB Hub
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IOGEAR's Symphony multi-function KVM Switch  allows you to control four computers using a single VGA monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, Two built-in USB 2.0 ports, 10/100  Ethernet switch, and audio sharing capabilities provide additional versatility.

Asynchronous switching allows for independent port  selection of audio, peripheral sharing, and computer control  


The external VGA Video Card is full featured external video card allowing you to connect an additional monitor to your desktop or laptop computer.  The unit has all the features of a standard internal video card including a  wide range of refresh rates, resolutions, and color depths  The GUC2015 and its software were designed to have a negligible effect on your computer's
overall performance, so there will be little to no noticeable slow down  running your applications


Four port USB 2.0 hub for adding additional devices

The Combination

Besides the advantages each unit offers individually, when combined, IOGear's GUC2015V and GCS1772, offer an unprecedented  degree of video flexibility that cannot be duplicated with standard video cards. 

Because the GUC2015U is an externally connected  USB video card, it creates two independent video channels from each computer. Simply connect your computer's onboard video to the KVM's VGA
connection, then connect the GUC2015U between one of the USB peripheral ports on the KVM and your second monitor.

This configuration allows for several unique video arrangements 

1- Extend video across two monitors, you will be able to:

       A- Switch the  extended views of  your computers between two displays
       B- View half of one extended view on one screen while monitoring half
            of another computer's extended view on the second screen

2- Clone the same image on each computer, you will be able to:

      A- Select the video from either computer and put it on both displays
      B- Place the video from each computer on its own screen and have the
           ability to switch keyboard and mouse control to either computer while
           still viewing the other. 
3- Have an extended the view on one computer and a cloned view on the
     second computer, you will be able to:

      A- Monitor a process on half of one computer's extended view while
            working on the second computer's standard view (in clone configuration)

Since WinXP allows you to configure the relative relationship of the monitors, the two video displays can be orientated horizontally from one computer, and vertically from the other, it is also possible to have different resolutions on each monitor from the same computer.



USB 2 Port (USB1 isn't fast enough)
Operating system:
WinXP Home, Professional, or Tablet Edition, Win Server 2003


 VGA or SVGA monitor (CRT or LCD)
 USB style mouse
 USB style keyboard   

 1 x VGA or SVGA port
 2 x Type a USB port (USB 2.0 required for high speed capability)
 Audio ports (optional)

Operating system
 Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, VISTA 
 Mac OS 8.6 or greater
 Linux, UNIX and other USB supported systems*
 Only IOGEAR Custom cable sets specifically designed for switch may be
                  used to link to the computers (the cables are included)

Master Carton Wt. 6.0 lbs (2.72kg)
* Master Carton
* Master Carton Qty. 1
Depth 14 in. (35.56 cm)
Height 10 in. (25.4 cm)
Width 6 in. (15.24 cm)
What's included:
  • Iogear 4 Port Symphony KVM Switch with USB Video Card and USB Hub
  • 1  USB to SXGA Adapter
  • 1  GCS1772 KVM Switch
  • 2  Quick Start Guide (KVM) ( External Video Card)
  • 1  CD-ROM with User Guide and Installation Software
  • 1  4ft USB 2.0 Cable
  • 4 Custom 4es 6ft (1.8) KVM cables
  • Firmware upgradable cable x 1 power adapter
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