Top 3 Trusted Dating Reviews Sources

Whenever we want to make a purchase, whether it be food, clothing, a new phone, a handbag – anything, we always read the reviews. Curious in trying out the new brunch place downtown?


Want to know what places you should see on your next road trip?

Trip Advisor.

Basically, there’s a review site out there for almost anything you want to try, but one that most people have a hard time finding a reliable source for are dating review sites. These are sites that review the best dating apps out there and uncover the truths you want to know. Dating apps can also be big purchases for people, considering that their best features are saved for people with memberships, and of course, you’d want to see if it’s worth it, right?

So where do you turn to?

There are quite a few dating review sites out there, but not all of them can be trusted. Some of these sites actually get paid to write good reviews for certain dating or hookup sites so that more people can join them, earning them a commission for linking people to their website. Apalling, right?

That’s why it’s hard to find good, trustworthy dating review sites that you can read and know they’re telling you the truth. But coming from someone who works in the dating app industry, I can tell you which ones are worth the read.

Here are three dating review sources you can turn to when deciding if you should try out the hottest dating apps or not.


Their name is pretty straightforward for what they do; Dating Advice helps you make all the decisions you might need to take when using dating apps. You get dating advice from experts ranging in online dating to gay, lesbian, senior, and men and women dating apps. They have a well-established following of over 10 million page views annually and over 28,000 posts and reviews. They’ve also been featured on news outlets such as The Huffington Post, CNN, and Fox News.

Dating Advice also hosts their own studies, bringing you the latest online dating statistics for anything you’re curious about. You can find out what percentage of men 18-23 aren’t opposed to open relationships, what percentage of teens who date experience domestic abuse, and many other studies. They also report on other studies that have to deal with sex, relationships, dating, and LGBTQ+ issues.

They also have an arsenal of dating coaches and matchmakers handy on the site for you to use their services and get some advice on your dating life. You can search through their whole directory to find the perfect expert for you, and filter for their specialty and location.

But when it comes to dating reviews, they have tons and tons of them in all different categories. If you’re familiar with dating niches, they review just about all of the major ones; senior, black, Christian, lesbian, and gay dating apps and sites. They’re all written by their dating experts and provide you with all the necessary information you want to know, and let you know what’s good about each one, what’s bad, and give each site a star review out of five for an overall rating.


If you’re looking for extremely detailed reviews of dating apps/sites that tell you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you’d want to know and addresses all your concerns, then you’ll love Dating Sites Reviews. They put real time and effort into their dating reviews to make them the best out there. They go into detail about the sign-up process, how each app/site works, and give you the positives and negatives of each dating app/site, as well as membership costs and details.

Dating Sites Reviews also has their own ranking system where they give out awards to their favorite dating apps of the year, and you can see if the one you’re interested in has won any by clicking on its review. They also utilize star-rating reviews but do it for multiple categories, not just an overall rating, for things like ease of use, customer service, cost, and matching system.

They have way more niche dating review than Dating Advice for categories like wealthy singles, hook up dating, and single parents dating.

If you want a more diverse review site with more information to read and in-depth reviews, then Dating Sites Reviews is an excellent choice.


This new dating review site ranks up with the more established previous two on this list for its quality of reviews. They’re 100% honest and also come from their dating experts who actually submerse themselves into the dating app/site they’re reviewing by joining and testing out every single one of them. They do all the research for you and go through the process before you so they can tell you if it’s worth the effort or not.

And if we’re talking niches, they’ve got them all.


There are so many dating app/site niches out there, and this is the first site I’ve seen to cover practically all of them. Whether you’re looking for fetish dating apps, BBW apps, or cougar and MILF dating, you can find a review for the top ones at Dating Insider. Since not a lot of these niches get covered on other dating review sites, it can be frustrating and confusing when you’re trying to decide if you should join it or not when there’s no information about it anywhere.

Here, at Dating insider, you don’t have to worry about that.

The number one goal at Dating Insider is to keep you from getting scammed. Some of these niche dating sites are so obscure that they try to take advantage of their users, but Dating Insider reviews will bust any frauds. By reading their reviews, it could stop you from dishing out unnecessary cash to some scammy site.

They’re there to help you, and if you want an honest review from people who actually took the time to use the app/site, then you should visit Dating Insider and read their content.