Top 3 Software Review Sites

3.) PCMag Business Software Index

While not as famous as some of the mega software databases like CNet, the PCMag Business Software Index distributes detailed reviews in 30 solid business software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) groups, that are directed towards small business technology buyers, for example: Accounting, E-commerce, VOIP, CRM, Sales, Website Management, and much, much more. Although not every proposal is reviewed by the editors, those that end up being reviewed always provide results based on actual field tests of that software run by experts.

2.) CNet

CNet does their very best to test that every download they host is free of virus and malware. Also, they have a gigantic database full of free and demo software on their site, which mostly includes reviews by users and many of that actually includes reviews written by editors of CNet. For more detailed software reviews that mostly include paid products, along with resource guides covering a variety of software and OS-related topics, look for the Software topic on the CNet main website. This comes with with a long list of application reviews with which you have the option to filter by platform, category, manufacturer, and price. CNet also includes Software Resource covering a variety of topics including Best iOS Apps, a Windows 10 forum, and Software and app videos that allow you to view a visual demo of an App or program in action before you decide to make your purchase.

1.) Top Ten Reviews

This company does precisely what its name reads; it includes reviews and comparisons of what it believes to be the top-ten offerings in any of a large number of technology-related subjects. The software section explains applications installed on computers and devices along with cloud-based services. There are High-level categories that cover  Business Software, Multimedia, Security, E-commerce, and Finance. The reviews are mostly for paid products, but there are frequently free products included, as well. An average comparison review will have the 1-10 picks running across the top of the screen, giving links to view an more detailed review and the option to visit the website of the said product. Comparison charts for features and functions come next that gives you the opportunity to make the most necessary comparisons amongst all the choices in categories like key distinctions, price, and pricing model, ease of use, security, integrations and other parameters based on the purpose of the software. For instance, in the category of Online Project Management, you have the option to compare any project initiation features, project planning features, and even features for project monitoring.

If you’re looking for reviews of more than just software, there is also a section called the Small Business section that includes everything from HR Outsourcing all the way to Business Card printing. They tend to differ from other product review sites just by the fact that every single one of their product groupings is formatted in an easy-to-follow display. Their reviews are the essential blend of product comparison, expert analysis, and industry data so you can find the product you are looking for with ease.

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