Rose XTS-V0x32D8-L Xtensys 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch

Rose XTS-V0x32D8-L Xtensys 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
Rose XTS-V0x32D8-L Xtensys 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
Rose XTS-V0x32D8-L Xtensys 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
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  • Control up to 32 Servers from one PS/2 Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor 
  • One local user at the switch
Rose Xtensys General Specifications
  • Configure any port for CAT5/5e/6/7 or serial devices
  • Modular architecture and built-in high performance video bus for easy expansion
  • Auto equalization and skew compensation over CATx for video resolution up to 1600 x 1200
  • Cascade units for additional expansion
  • Compatible with CAT5, 5e, 6 or 7 cable
  • Models available for 0 - 16 users and 1 - 64 CPUs
  • Space saving Micro-Mini KVM Transmitter
  • Advanced security features
  • Auto equalization and skew compensation for a perfect display using CAT5, 5e, 6, or 7 cable
  • Multi-platform support - PS/2, USB, Sun, Unix, Mac, or serial devices
  • Each computer port can be configured for connection to a computer or serial device
  • Advanced security for configuration and access
  • Configuration and access through advanced OSD
  • Remote access over CATx cable
  • Extremely modular architecture for easy expansion and cascading
  • Built in high performance video bus to stack units for expansion
  • Models available for 0 - 16 users and 1 - 64 CPUs
  • User station models available with 1 KVM connection and 1 RJ45 link or 1 KVM connection and 4 RJ45 links
  • Local port for quick access to the switch
  • Lifetime free flash upgrades
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Leave it to Rose to come up with such a feature packed product. The Xtensys universal console switch features the latest in technology and can be deployed and scaled to any computer environment from the simplest to the most complex.

You can connect either a miniature Rose KVM transmitter or a serial cable to the RJ45 computer input connectors on the unit and it will auto-detect the interface. If video is present it will automatically measure the distance and equalize the video for maximum clarity.

At the user side connect a KVM user station to access any computer. The built in Onscreen Display and hot-key system allows you to select a computer using simple keyboard commands or from a sortable list and switch to it instantly.

The XTR-11 user station connects a single KVM station to a single KVM port on an Xtensys switch. For the ultimate in connection flexibility, the XTR-14 user station permits a single KVM station to connect to a KVM port on four different Xtensys switches, four standalone servers/computers, or a combination of Xtensys switches and standalone servers/computers.


All cabling to the user stations and computers usesstandard CATx cable. A Daisy chaining cable is used toconnect up to 8 units together.


Xtensys is easy to install and configure. For asingle unit installation, you simply connect your computers tothe CPU ports; connect the KVM consoles to the userstations, connect the user stations to the Xtensys switch andit s ready for operation. If access to additional computers isneeded, up to 8 units can be daisy chained together. Thisprovides access to as many as 256 computers and 64 users.In addition to being able to daisy chain the units together,each unit s CPU port can be cascaded to a KVM switchproviding access to thousands of computers or servers.


There are three levels of security available tocustomize access to the unit and to the connected computers. Up to 6 security profiles can be added to eachunit. One system administrator, one administrator, and 4 user accounts can be set-up for each unit. The system administrator has security privileges for the complete system.He assigns passwords and access rights for administratorsand all users for the complete system. The administrator canperform security functions for a single unit. Users can beassigned a password and must login to obtain access to the computers.


From each user console, you can access anyconnected computer by simple keyboard commands or usean on-screen list of the computers to access. When connected, the user can fully utilize all applications and features of the connected computer.

Keyboard and Mouse

Xtensys fully emulates the keyboardand mouse, so computers can be booted at any time. A "Keep Alive" feature ensures that the keyboard and mousewill function properly even if the switch temporarily losespower.

On-Screen display

The on-screen display is a menu-drivendisplay for configuring the unit, setting up security access, and for quick and easy access to the connected computers.You can use either the keyboard to highlight a feature on the OSD and press enter or use the mouse and click on that feature. 

Firmware update

The firmware upgrade utility is a windows based program that provides an automated process for upgrading the unit s firmware. New firmware upgrades are available from
our web site.


17.0 W x 10.0 D x 1.75 H (in) 1U
43.24 W x 25.42 D x 4.4 H (cm) 1U
8.75 W x 5.65 D x 1.72 H (in) (User station)
22.3 W x 14.35 D x 4.37 H (cm) (User station)

8.7lbs/ 3.95 kg


1600 x 1200 at 75Hz

0-50 degrees Celsius, 0 percent - 80 percent non-condensing relative humidity

Powers: IEC 320 standard receptacle
CPU/Remote: KVM: RJ45
Local KVM: MD6, HD15, USB
Expansion: RJ45

PS/2, Sun, USB (PC, Sun, Mac)


Scan Interval
0-255 seconds

On-Line/selected LEDs/Power

IEC 320 Power

What's included:
  • Rose Xtensys 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • User Manual
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