Black Box USB xTender CAT5 USB Extender 1000ft

Black Box USB xTender CAT5 USB Extender 1000ft
Black Box USB xTender CAT5 USB Extender 1000ft
This product has been phased out, please call us for an alternative
  • Extend USB up to 1000 feet (304.8 m) over ordinary CAT5 UTP cable.
  • Support all USB devices, including cameras, hubs, keyboards, mice, scanners, and printers.
  • Support low-speed and full-speed USB.
  • Extend two USB channels over one CAT5 cable.

  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) is convenient and inexpensive, and it has become a very popular interface in newer PCs. But USB has a 15-foot (4.6-m) limit, which hampers its usefulness. Now there's an answer-the USB X-Tender enables you to extend USB up to 1000 feet (304.8 m) over ordinary, inexpensive CAT5 cable.

    The USB X-Tender is compatible with all kinds of USB peripherals, including low-speed and full-speed devices, such as hubs and printers.

    The USB X-Tender comes with a local and a remote module. Connect the modules with a single CAT5 cable up to 1000 feet in length. Because each USB X-Tender module pair provides two USB connections over a single CAT5 cable, you can connect two USB devices (low- or full-speed) without using a hub.

    In fact, you can extend low-speed (1.5-Mbps) device connections up to 1000 feet (304.8 m). However, full-speed (12-Mbps) devices are restricted to 150 feet (45.7 m), which is still 10 times the normal USB limit.

    So break through that 15-meter barrier and use USB for long-distance applications!

    Channels - 2
    Distance (Maximum) - Low speed: 1000 ft. (304.8 m);
    High speed: 150 ft. (45.7 m)
    Connectors - Each Module: (1) RJ-45, (2) USB Type B
    Power - 115 VAC, 60 Hz, (autosensing 100-240 VAC version on request)
    Size - Each Module: 1.1"H x 2.9"W x 3.4"D (2.8 x 7.4 x 8.6 cm) (without flanges)
    Weight - Each Module: 1 lb. (0.5 kg)
    What's included:
    • Black Box USB xTender CAT5 USB Extender 1000ft
    • Local Module
    • Remote Module
    • 115-VAC 60-Hz Power Supply with cords for Remote Module
    • (2) 6ft (1.8 m) USB Output Cables
    • 1 Year Fido Warranty Protection
    • User Manual
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