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Black Box ACU5112A ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit

Black Box ACU5112A ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit
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Order Black Box ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit with Skew Serial Audio
Black Box ACU5112A ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit   $741.00
You may order servswitch wizard extender kit with skew compensation serial
Black Box ACU5110A ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit   $622.00
To rackmount your extender order
Black Box ACU5000A ServSwitch Wizard KVM Extender Rack Mount Chassis   $185.00
To supply power to up to four rackmounted modules order
Black Box PS5000-R2 ServSwitch Wizard Rack Power Distribution Module   $226.00
Black Box ACU5003 ServSwitch Wizard Rackmount Blanking Plate   $24.00
Black Box ACU5004 ServSwitch Wizard Rackmount Four Blanking Plate   $44.00
Total: $0.00  

Also known as:
CAT5 KVM ExtenderBlack Box KVM Extender
KVM ExtenderPS2 KVM Extender
Audio KVM ExtenderCAT6 KVM Extender
Black Box CAT6 KVM ExtenderBlack Box CAT5 KVM Extender
CAT5 KVM Extender with AudioCAT5 KVM Extender with Serial

  • Maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 up to 656.1 feet (200 m).
  • At a maximum distance of 984.2 feet (300 m), you get resolution up to 1280 x 1024.
  • Use the serial link to connect to graphic tablets, touch screens, or PDA cradles

Offers local serial and stereo audio connections.
Includes local and remote modules and offers transparent 56-kbps RS-232 serial transmission.
Provides more bandwidth and longer distances for your KVM extension applications.
Built-in skew compensation (adjustable up to 62 ns) reduces color drift and keeps images sharp.
True DDC support for optimal operation with modern graphic adapter cards.

KVM and serial extension with single access and bidirectional stereo audio.
If you need to transmit bidirectional stereo audio signals-in addition to serial and KVM signals-order the ServSwitch WizardT Extender Single-Access Serial Kit with Bidirectional Stereo Audio and Skew Compensation (ACU5112A).

The kit extends PS/2r keyboard and mouse signals-along with transparent serial signals and the analog VGA signal-over a single CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable up to 984.2 feet (300 m). Use the serial link to connect to graphic tablets, touch screens, or PDA cradles. For applications that require a serial mouse attached to a CPU, simply add a passive adapter (contact our FREE Tech Support).

The audio connections enable you to use speakers, headsets, and microphones at your workstation. The kit comes with a transmitter module for local CPU connections and a receiver module for remote workstation (KVM) connections, as well as an adapter cable to connect the local module to the keyboard, video, and mouse connectors at your CPU.

The ServSwitch Wizard Extender Kits with Skew Compensation family.
All ServSwitch Wizard Extender Kits with Skew Compensation fix color drift by making up for the differences in length between wire pairs in CAT5e or CAT6 cable, and compensation is provided by a 62-ns color delay that can be adjusted in 2-ns calibrations to correct delay skew problems. What s more, these extenders also come with the latest video components and circuitry to enable higher bandwidth and ensure even clearer images. In fact, it s now possible to get maximum resolutions of 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz at distances of 656.1 feet (200 m) or 1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz at the full distance of 984.2 feet (300 m)! These extenders also provide additional brightness and sharpness control options for ultra-clear images.

Today s graphic adapter cards often require Display Data Channel (DDC) information for them to work correctly-or, in some cases, to work at all. These kits transmit an attached monitor s DDC information to its remote module. Plus this information is stored in the local module in case of a link loss.

These extenders also feature password protection to prevent unauthorized access to a connected CPU or your switching system.

Connectors - Local module: Interconnect: (1) RJ-45; CPU: (1) DB25 F; Serial: (1) DB9 F; Power: (1) 8-pin mini DIN F;
Remote module: Interconnect: (1) RJ-45; Keyboard and mouse: (2) 6-pin mini DIN F; Video: (1) HD15 F; Serial: (1) DB9 F; Audio: (2) 3.5-mm jacks; Power: (1) barrel jack

NOTE: If you re using the 16-slot Rackmount Chassis (ACU5000A) with this kit, note that the local and remote units require one slot each.

What's Included
  • Black Box ServSwitch Wizard CATx KVM Extender Kit with Skew Serial Audio
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
KVMs.com Condition: Brand New!

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