5 Things You Must Consider When Buying Used Electronics

5.) Make sure it boots

Technically speaking, the phrase “boot” is only in reference to computers, obviously, however, it is extremely crucial to make sure that whatever you want to go buy actually works. If you’re buying online, always look for photos that have proof that the device actually contains power and that it actually turns on. If you can, upload the images into Tineye and Google Image Search, as well. Doing this will always be able to tell you if the photo is original and their own, or if it’s something the seller downloaded online somewhere. Also always look for watermarks as well.

4.) Is It Original?

If possible, you’ll also always want to check to make sure that what the seller is offering is original. Sometimes a seller, believe it or not, will try to sell off an older model off, advertising it as a newer one and in any every other scenario you might see a device that’s fraudulent. This is an ongoing concern when buying in-person, one on one. This is because you’ll probably be making a  purchasing within minutes and you are liable to be distracted by simple conversation. Online buyers have the ability to look at any photos of the product whenever they want to.

3.) What condition is it in?

Once you know that you definitely have a working, authentic device, you’ll definitely want to check up on its condition. Tons of buyers only pay attention to scratches or little dents, but these having nothing to do with condition. People drop stuff – it’s human nature.  If the device is still working then it’s really not likely that the visible scratches are anything more than cosmetic unless of course, they’re on the display. You’ll want to check the power cord, the ports, if the device has active cooling, the battery, and the bluetooth.

2.) What does it smell like?

This checkup really mainly applies to in-person one-on-one transactions, obviously, but if you have the device in front of you, then you may as well use all five of your senses – and smell sometimes play an important role. Noticing the smell of burnt, unusable electronics is not a difficult task to execute. The scent is very pungent and tangy. It is intrusive and tends to stick around for a bit. You might think it’s okay if the device still turns on, but the stench might be a signal that a non-critical item has gone bad.

3.) When to Buy

Making sure that the device you’re looking to purchase is actually legit and is functional nine times out of ten, but if you definitely want to score the perfect deal, you need to be smooth about when the good time is to buy. The question of that comes down to to the most intense part used in all used electronics; you want the best for your buck, but you never want anything irrelevant. Here are some key pointers that will aid with your decision if the device is still up to date. Make sure it has modern connections. Make sure it’s quick enough. Make sure you have room. If you answered yes to all of these, you’re in good hands.

Want to learn more about buying used electronics? Then check out the video below!